Exercise Kocha Singa pt 1

Pre Departure: 12 of us had to book in to camp by 2300hr.. because we volunteered to take the military plane C130 to Phisanulok, Thailand. The remaining of the troops took Thai airways. Kind of like a advance party thingy, but the plane delay made us reach there later than the main party.

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Packed and ready!

The group of us waited at our courtyard for rollcall and further instructions. Came to know that we will be moving out at 0130hr, gotta help shift crates up the truck that will be transported to Thailand through the C130.

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C-roy-ha-sip in Thai

Reached Paya Lebar Airport at approximately 0220hrs. We had unfinished job to do! We had to continue move crates down from the tonners for immigration checks. Thereafter, we collected our plane ration, went through immigration at the small and desolate immigration hall.

Estimated to fly at 0430.. Waited forever at the runway.. then finally board the plane at around 0730, sited down and belt up. The engine started running, the air crews seem ready to shut the doors and all.

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Dhewww… the engine died. We still thought it was just part of warming up the flying machine. God knows that the flying machine was faulty! The plane broke down just before we fly, no joke.. but thankgoodness, it was found out before we fly. not DURING we fly.

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Just too bored..

Another 2-3hrs of waiting on the runway, ate our plane ration on the runway, read a book, did everything. But it was a cool experience though, lying down facing the big vast sky with no buildings surrounding, enjoying the cool breeze and basking in the warm morning sun.

Whatsapp from the medic group:

Doc: Have a safe flight!
A: Thanks! Quite safe ah, they found out the plane was faulty just before flying.
Doc: Oh shiaattt!!

Boarded the plane at approx 1000hrs.. reached Phisanulok Airport safely after 4hrs.

Arrival at Phisanulok Airport

Some RTA representative received us into the airport. They arranged for 6 tonners of kakia (privates & recruits) to unload the crates from the plane then load up the tonner (hats off, because they did it all without a forklift) and I can already feel the vip treatment from here.

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Just some simple office tables set up as the immigration counter, express queue for us i guess. The RTA also specially prepared prepacked lunch and gave us the privilege of having all-drinks-free from the airport cafe!

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Phisanulok airport

Journey to the camp was another 2 hours journey.. we had 1 toilet stop along the way, so some of us bought snacks and drinks from 711 for our driver.

Wachiprakan Camp, Tak Province.

2330hr, we finally reached the camp in Tak province. I am impress with their regimentation, as the moment our tonner entered the camp. All the guards on duty immediately stood up and salute the arriving vehicles. 

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Warchiprakan Camp

Here, we begin our 12days of fun and culturally interesting bilateral exchange with the professional soldiers from the Royal Thai Army.

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To be cont’d…