The famous 40 logo

11th Mono, 40th Battalion Singapore Armoured Regiment, Archer Company, Platoon 1, Section 2, Bed 7.

A blog post dedicated to this iconic 40 logo left behind from SG50 Celebration.

It was nicely place at the parade square for 40th SAR CO’s change of command. Just halfway through the ceremony, after they handover the command.. thunder struck and started raining cats and dogs. Strong wind causes the logo to collapse.

Bad omen

Cohesion = Stronger unity?

Cohesion, a new word i learnt after entering the army. I didn’t know there will still be bonding sessions with our coy mates even though we see each other 24/7, 5 days a week. These chill out sessions can be fun sometimes and it helps to understand your mates better outside of military environment.

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my 1st group shot with plt 1
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Sometimes i prefer to chill aside while the rest drink and merry
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Had dinner with the plt after rotation 2 training.

Army – training ground for the mind and body. It is important to know the survival skills in order to survive living in a community. Despite the differences we have, everyone attempts to be at peace with one another and avoid escalating any conflicts known/unknown. But unfortunately lots of conflict remain unresolved. definitely not the female hormones that is causing all this.. you know how girls can make a big fuss out of a small issue.

Accepting one another flaws is one difficult thing to do, but it is part of survival skill. You will really meet all kinds of people whose lifestyle, character, actions, goes against your own beliefs and ethics. It need lots of practice of understanding and tolerance. “Keep a safe distance, does not only applies to mechanical work and train stations.” But lastly, putting aside differences for a larger good is more important than anything else.

Good friends are hard to come by, but there are nice people around. I’m thankful to meet really good commanders.. and especially my plt sergeant whom is always supportive of what i do. They are probably the only motivation to continue when difficult times comes by.

to be con’td…

Seek Save Serve

10934069_10204003572105450_1600854572754032293_nI have completed 3 months of training to become an Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic level 2) at SAF Medical Training Institute. Upon graduating in Jan, i was posted to 40th Singapore Armour Regimental to serve as a platoon medic.

Days at SMTI will forever be etched in my heart. It is the most rewarding and fun experience of national service so far. Probably because we all shared a common goal as trainees, we studied together and struggled through our combat phase. Nights out was the second best thing to happen as our camp was near Upper Thomson(somewhere popular for prata and cafes). Best thing was physical training were often canceled due to the monsoon rain. But all these came with a heavy price, we all end up gaining weight throughout the course.

My name was not in the list when i reported to Nee Soon camp on the first day. A group of us weren’t in the register list, mainly those who were posted from units. Then after waiting for all the people in the namelist to form up , one by one, a sergeant called out to us to join the platoon.

Halfway through, platoon 2 was punished for having sloppy movement and a mini “tekan” cum welcome session was taking place. I swear to heaven that i will never join platoon 2 after seeing how they were treated like dogs on the first day. I was the last guy left sitting at the vehicle shed waiting to be call. How nice, it turns out that the sergeant missed out my name from the stack of namelist and i belong to… platoon 2.

But i had no regrets, the badass commander ord-ed 2 weeks after we entered SMTI, mainly also because we performed really well academically, zero discipline issues and our spirits were high most of the time.

to be cont’d