Simple Room Makeover

Whenever i have free time, i will tidy up my room but it’ll always end up to become a makeover.

Some simple guidelines that i observe when doing my room..

  • Always recycle what is unwanted, technically everything is recyclable but also depending on the waste collector of your constituency/recycling organisation that you are sending your stuffs to. Some collectors do not take in electronic and bulky items.

  • Keep things on display to a minimal, dust often gets trap in this area. And nobody has the time to wipe them away all the time.

  • Clean & Comfort
  •  Display things that keep you motivated and inspired, you might not see the reason why but you will when times are bad and nobody is there to advice you, these quotes work wonders. Studies shows that the things you see in your room shows your personality, positive things = positive mind..

  • Keep photos of you and your loved ones. I have a pinup board for all the happy memories and inspiring stuff.
My “happy wall” and collection of tc books.

  1. Chose plain bed sheet colours, tone down the colours and patterns of the major furniture in the room. Enough of colorful elements in the room, all you need is something plain and neutral to tone things down.

    Tone colours down for big items..
  2. Do not congest your room with lots of furniture, keep some space for yourself to breathe.

Lastly, my concept isn’t the perfect one, but i made a personal space that i am proud and and feel comfortable living in. Hope it works for you 🙂


Weekend ramblings

Was it a tough week? YES… i was expecting more admin time after a week of preparing and turn out for ops duty. But they had to organise ICCT( individual close combat training) in the morning and afternoon pt almost every day. We did a killer 5 km run in one of the afternoon training… manage to finish it in 24 minutes with my kangkong legs.kang-kong.

I am not involve in the guard duty for ops, but i still want my afternoon naps. Speaking of the 4NTM duty, we are the only Armour unit on ops duty. That makes us one of the most current operational active unit in the Armour formation. Sounds way cooler than doing it…lol

There is Kinokuniya at JEM! Now i’m finally looking forward to the monthly nights out..  i started reading a Chinese novel bought from Kino the previous nights out.

Quoted from the book…

每個人有自己的表达方式, 如果你不喜歡只能說明不是為你準備的。
你可以不接受, 這是一种自由。但不屑和抨擊翻到另外個世界觀, 只能說明你的無知和武断。
大家都要遵重別人對各自 [精采生命] 的表达  : 张嘉佳

a cup of joy!

Having llaollao on the steps of Wisma Atria and joining the filipinas in their bitching session.


This is the typical look nice but taste bad picture… i swear Ninefresh is way better, affordable and serve more varieties than it’s rival. Ninefresh deserve to have more outlets in Singapore, at least open one in the east lah.

IMG_20150610_231250As of today, i’m left with 363 days to the end of ” Uncle, Keat Hong Camp, na ger ulu ulu beside ntu de camp”. Hurray!