Transtar Coach to KL Time Square

First time riding a 5star coach to Malaysia

I had short vacation at Kuala Lumpur with my parents.They took 1 week leave from work so i brought them over to KL for a short vacation. Deliberately chose a better coach company because it is their first time taking a bus to Malaysia and moreover the journey was 6 long tiring hours.

Transtar Solitare VIP Class, $59/pax, Golden Mile Tower > KL Time Square

You can buy an air ticket to kl with this rate on an off peak period. This bus rate is double  the rate of an average coach to kl.

Good Service: However, their service was commendable. A guy in suit will be waiting to bring you to your seats when you board the bus. Announcement are made over the speakers before every stop and before you reach your destination, just like how it is done on a flight.

After going through immigration on both sides of the country, they drove us to the first stop. The bus steward went out of the bus to settle some errands while the driver drove us nearby to refill petrol.


Food & Drink Service: Along the way, the bus steward came up to serve us prepacked meals, presume that this was collected when he left the bus earlier on. The food was served warm. We had Nasi Lemak with fried chicken chunks, the chili sambal was nice.


Comfort: Blankets were given to all of us after the meal, and everybody had the option of hot tea/coffee to drink during the journey. The bus air-con was really strong but thankfully the blanket and tea kept me warm. There is a second drink service (biscuits given this time) after the 2nd stop.

There is only 18 seats on this bus, each seat equip with entertainment screen and massage function.

I would recommend this bus if you are bringing elderly parents, or simply looking for a luxury ride to Malaysia.

Cons: However, Transtar can work on ensuring that the seat massage function and TV screen work for everyone. But despite not being able to watch any movie, i was self entertained with the Malaysia scenery along the journey.

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur!


Where can you go with a family of kids?

River Safari ! My family of 8+3 visit one of our latest attractions in the country on a Vesak day public holiday.

Entrance to the attraction

What is Vesak?

“Vesak is a holy-day in the Buddhist calendar commemorating the tri major event in the Buddha’s life, his birth, his enlightenment and his passing into parinirvana. Typical Buddhist will visit temples, make offerings, attend talks, participate in all kind of events held throughout the holy-day.

Devotees lighting lamp at a temple

Buddha teaches us to practice the all encompassing love and wisdom that transcends all boundaries. Therefore, Vesak is not a time for just rituals rituals rituals.

Instead of the usual temple visiting and attending Dharma services. it is family time this year. Tzuchi celebrated the event earlier this month, together with all the other tc chapters across the world.

I digress… So how was the trip?

We were really excited because le family have not visited a local attraction together for a longlong time. The night before was prep & shopping for snacks and drinks for the next day.

Delicious home made glutinous rice!

*tips: Bring your own water bottle and snacks/lunch, the stuff they sell there are pretty expensive. There are also tables and places to sit at various location in the safari.

*tips: Buy your tickets online, there are more choices and the web provides more clarity and information.

Welcome to the… Zoo

Surprisingly, the safari wasn’t as crowded as i expected. The was no queue at the entrance. Probably because the zoo is the Main attraction here.

Okay.. so is this real or fake?

There are exhibitions of fishes and aquatic animals from all over the world. Interesting shops selling panda looking buns and drinks.

Basically our favourite of all is the cooling exhibitions.. not because of the aircon, but the animals kept there are more interesting.. e.g. Main star attraction, jiajia & kaikai, the huge sea aquarium of manatee, and various deep sea animals along the way.

There is also 2 boat tours in the safari.. One brings you on a ride along the reservoir & relax, while the other brings you on a fun wet ride to visit some animals.

Say hi to trees and grasses.

We spent 4 hrs to complete everything.. A day well spent with loved ones!

Lunar New Year 2015

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Auspicious Scroll bought from a charity fair
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Went for inspiring couplets written by Tzuchi Volunteers to start the year with Compassion and Wisdom.
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Best time of the year to know your family links.. found out that we have a Peranakan great grandmother(sitted).
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Ahma taking a group shot with Ahgong’s siblings in China.
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With my beloved Ahma(83), her memory never seem to aged at all…
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Vegetarian Yusheng at one of our volunteer’s house

Seek Save Serve

10934069_10204003572105450_1600854572754032293_nI have completed 3 months of training to become an Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic level 2) at SAF Medical Training Institute. Upon graduating in Jan, i was posted to 40th Singapore Armour Regimental to serve as a platoon medic.

Days at SMTI will forever be etched in my heart. It is the most rewarding and fun experience of national service so far. Probably because we all shared a common goal as trainees, we studied together and struggled through our combat phase. Nights out was the second best thing to happen as our camp was near Upper Thomson(somewhere popular for prata and cafes). Best thing was physical training were often canceled due to the monsoon rain. But all these came with a heavy price, we all end up gaining weight throughout the course.

My name was not in the list when i reported to Nee Soon camp on the first day. A group of us weren’t in the register list, mainly those who were posted from units. Then after waiting for all the people in the namelist to form up , one by one, a sergeant called out to us to join the platoon.

Halfway through, platoon 2 was punished for having sloppy movement and a mini “tekan” cum welcome session was taking place. I swear to heaven that i will never join platoon 2 after seeing how they were treated like dogs on the first day. I was the last guy left sitting at the vehicle shed waiting to be call. How nice, it turns out that the sergeant missed out my name from the stack of namelist and i belong to… platoon 2.

But i had no regrets, the badass commander ord-ed 2 weeks after we entered SMTI, mainly also because we performed really well academically, zero discipline issues and our spirits were high most of the time.

to be cont’d