Chinatown, Singapore

Chinese new year market, 2016

This is a shot taken from the steps of Chinatown bridge. Lots of people thronging the streets buying festive goods in preparation for the Chinese new year.

2016 Tzu Chi Tri Celebration of Buddha’s day, Mother’s day and Tzuchi day.

This is a major event in the Tzuchi Calendar held on the 2nd Sunday of May each year. This this year it happen to be the 50th year of the foundation in promoting peace in the world. I had the precious opportunity to participate in this year event held back in the spiritual home of Tzuchi volunteers, Jing Si Hall, or literally translated as “still thoughts hall”. Such major events are usually held at the stadium or indoor exhibition halls that can accommodate the huge congregation.

Tzuchi Chapter @ Elias rd
Fourth Service of the day

Other than participating in the Celebration Service, i also served as a media control guy in one of the event stations, the Tea-serving-station. Basically, all i had to do is set up the slides and mic, control the music volume, play music at appropriate timings and etc.


Other stations include the 50th anniversary exhibition

The station aims to promote filial piety and encourage one to express their love and concern to their elders thru the act of serving tea to their parents, grandparents, elder. I witness many children hugging their parents, some crying, some awkward but you can see deep down they are quite touched by the atmosphere and act of filial piety. Thankful that i had the opportunity to witness and assist in making such a wonderful event possible.

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Lastly, i gave away my Tzuching uniform to youth volunteers in Sri Lanka who could not afford to purchase it. I take it as a sincere prayer and blessing for the person who recieve it, hopefully he or she will be able to strive on the Bodhisattva path.

and of course not forgetting a group shot with some of the volunteers to end the day!

Peace out!

Lunar New Year 2015

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Auspicious Scroll bought from a charity fair
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Went for inspiring couplets written by Tzuchi Volunteers to start the year with Compassion and Wisdom.
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Best time of the year to know your family links.. found out that we have a Peranakan great grandmother(sitted).
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Ahma taking a group shot with Ahgong’s siblings in China.
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With my beloved Ahma(83), her memory never seem to aged at all…
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Vegetarian Yusheng at one of our volunteer’s house



  1. 星期一和二,五点下课。
  2. 星期三,十二点下课(不固定)之后课外活动到八点。
  3. 星期四,四点下课,六点到晚上八点(最早)Camp Ignite meeting。
  4. 星期五,十二点下课回家睡觉。感恩!
  6. 星期天,不信教所以没有主日休息。。不是做慈济(当志工)就是做功课。神啊?!

扣掉晚上回家做research,赶projectproposal看twitterinstagramfacebook, 孝顺父母陪狗陪家人时间等等,剩下的时间就是睡觉。真对不起身边的朋友。:(  又时累到不想上学,之后终于病倒,看了三个医生都还在咳嗽(也要怪自己不戒口)。

第一个唱片封面设计, 主要是介绍的是自己喜欢的英国乐团, The XX.除了房子和大“X”其他都是我做的。结果并不是很满足 😦  而且在做presentation的时候发现不是很多人认识这个独立乐团。悲哀啊。

第一个电脑背面设计。灵感来自于Andy Warhol经典的 “Campbell soup”。主要的设计元素是 Asian Pop Art. Pop Art 是通俗插画与商业艺术,所以放进了很多本地牌子的罐头和缺不了的上海姑娘和古董旧车。

** 对自己最大的感恩就是快要正式穿上慈济制服成为慈青的成员了!只有一点担心以后自己扛不起慈济人的责任。怎么说慈济也是一个非常著名的国际救援团体,佛教无人不知的**人间菩萨供应商** 有一定的行象。我不赌不杀不邪淫不抽烟喝酒不偷盗,只是偶尔说错话...