Study Break begins…

11 days till my first mid year paper and about 3 months left in school before intern starts and then the end of dip. It’s not the vacay period though, but study break simply means more netflix & chill, snacking away time, back to exercise regime and obviously procrastinating the exam prep.

To be frank, i am kinda losing the motivation of doing well in studies, all i wished for is to graduate, get my cert and begin the entire career thing. I am not the brightest student in class, so pbl usually works when i am interested in the particular topic. Other than that, i will find it redundant for my learning. To summarise, year 1 was filled with surprises and energy to do well, year 2 was depressing with the psych modules but the healthcare modules perk me up and motivates me. Year 3, all business module, lacking the stamina and brain juices to do it anymore. *cries* but i cannot afford to stop moving forward. Just gotta hang on, push myself a little further, try my best and enjoy the process.

You can do it, Alex.