Reflection by the river

Beautiful Night in Pasir Ris..

静思堂,Hall of Still Thoughts sitted quietly near the entrance of Pasir Ris New Town. This Building is the headquarter for volunteers of Tzu Chi Foundation(Singapore). A Buddhist Charitable Organisation founded in Taiwan. Other than the charity work that they do, Tzu Chi is notably known for their missions of disaster relief and environmental protection worldwide.

The headquarters is open to public for visiting. There is a little shop that sells publications related to Tzuchi and their ideology, Eco-friendly products and perishables produce by the nuns of Jingsi Abode.

Tzu Chi also conduct classes geared to the diverse interest of the community. Short or long term couses like culinary, advance guitar, yoga, chinese caligraphy.etc Their main motive is to encourage life long learning & to induce wholesome values in the masses.

This is also their spiritual home where volunteers come back for trainings and to cultivate their inner peace. Communal events for volunteers are usually conducted here, for e.g. sharing sessions, monthly meetings, camps.etc Tzuchi provides opportunities to do good and to advance in one’s inner journey.

It is also worth to mention that this grey building is situated beside Sungei Api Api, a portion of this Sungei was adopted and maintain by Tzuchi. Sungei Api Api is especially beautiful at night when the water reflects..

Haiku of the day:

Still thoughts, in a busy world.. Do you stop by to reflect in everyday life? The water reflects my still thoughts..


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