HDB Gardening

Living in Singapore means you gotta live with the limitations of land scarcity. Majority of Singaporeans, rich & poor live in urban high rise apartments. That means no backyard for gardening and of course community gardening is not available in every estate, even they do, most of the time only volunteers & retirees manage the place, with rules and restrictions.

However, Singaporeans still love the greens near to their houses. We are resort to planting indoors, with limited sunlight and rain. If you’re lucky, your house might be along the walkway, where your plants can get all exposure to the sun. Sometimes you get corners like mine, can’t really do anything much..

Most of the plants are from Ikea
Notice we gotta separate the pots so that each pot gets its fairshare of sunlight

We have plenty of Crassula ovata, aka jade plant, because they are easy to maintain, do not require lots of watering, just sufficient sunlight to survive. They are nice to look at too.. If the conditions are right, they might flower too.

infact most pots are easy-to-manage plants


My neighbours have their own cute little green space too! Looking forward to see what i can do more with this space… Ciao~


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