They say chase your dreams..

National Museum of Singapore

Its the weekend, and i really want to have a short #wanderlust away from this bustling city, the usual scenes and familiar faces. I guess i am not the hereforeverguy, i’m more like the heretopassbykindofaguy. I really don’t know. I like new experiences, i like stuffs that makes life interesting and enriching.

Have a great week ahead~

Walked to another Country

So the other day i walked across the border to Malaysia… The traffic was really bad, long queues for bus too. The jam can easily last 1-2hrs.. Therefore walking seemed like a better choice 🙂

If only it is that easy..
Singapore side
Johor side
Pretty cool experience

There are walkways for pedestrian but not on the Malaysia side. Which means you gotta walk alongside vehicles zooming pass you. Walk with caution!

Great Love Abode

Daai Gallery, 大愛人文館, hidden along queen ave is a public gallery cum volunteer training centre operated for volunteers. The gallery exhibits and celebrate the love and spirit of Tzu Chi’s mission.

As quoted from Sister Xiao,

Great Love and Spirit of Tzuchi cannot be replace, even if Tzuchi is no longer around one day.

The gallery is housed in a black & white painted bungalow, previously built to house British military officers, their families, or expatriates from the European countries before world war II.

Took from their fb page

Most of the “AngMohChu” were built in the south-central parts of Singapore like Alexandra, Rochester and Dempsey, and more recently built in areas like Sembawang, Seletar and Changi, where they were built to accommodate military personnel required to run the Air and Naval bases present in the area.

I came to recce the venue for an upcoming tc camp.. and we were given a very good tour around by the founder of this place, Sister Xiao.

Photos are not allowed in the gallery, so i briefly took afew one outside.. there are many interesting & quiet spots that really makes you want to stay there the whole day and contemplate on life.

it is actually the footprint of a nun’s shoe..
Taken from their fb page

Feel free to drop a donation into the bamboo bank
I like how they put random quotes everywhere..

Looking for inspiration or somewhere to read a book and contemplate bout life? This is one of the latest secret of Singapore for you…

Address: 137, Queen’s Ave S(758592)
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 3pm-9pm
Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays 10am-9pm
Closed on Monday