Tzuchi Tri-Celebration 2015

2nd Sunday of May is widely known as Mother’s day, but for Tzuchi volunteers it is known as Tri Celebration Day: Buddha’s day, Mother’s day and Tzuchi anniversary. Buddha’s day aka Vesak day is set on the same day as Mother’s day in Taiwan.

It is the 2nd time that my parents are attending the world peace prayer ceremony, but its the first time we are attending it together and joining in the prayer contingent. I’m really thankful that they are able to stay throughout and experience the spiritual atmosphere that touched me deeply. Volunteers also brought them around to understand the missions that Tzuchi is doing across the world and the teachings of Master Cheng Yen.


Ma and Pa were impressed with Daai Technology that transformed recycled plastic bottles into comfortable thermal blankets and clothes. Rather than keeping the earth warm(carbon footprint), these blankets are given to the needy and for disaster relief. Another project that impressed them was the development of Instant Rice by a venerable master from Jingsi Abode.

Quoted from Tzuchi USA website:

During a flood relief effort in China, Dharma Master Cheng Yen was dismayed to see the elderly walking many miles to find relief of hunger. Also hoping to prevent disciples from spending too much time laboring over meal preparation and thus sacrificing valuable time that could be spent in Dharma lessons, Dharma Master Cheng Yen entrusted Master De Han to start the development of Jing Si Instant Rice.

instant rice group


What i did to show my appreciation? Other than being extremely nice on this specia day.. I also gave Ma a huge red packet and this bouquet shared by the sibiling.. Ma never liked to receive fresh flowers because they represent impermanence, but what is Mother’s day without carnations? Pa wrote a mushy message to her on fb to thank her for being his wife.. After the ceremony we went shopping and had dinner before i booked in to camp again.

IMG_20150510_232412IMG_20150510_185558May all minds be purified,
May there be peace in the community,
And may there be no disasters in this world


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