TCUSA 25th Anniversary

USTC360 No172 TCUSA 25th Anniversary:

The USA Chapter was the first overseas chapter to begin with. 25 years ago, adhering to the Buddha’s spirit of “Great Mercy to strangers and Great Compassion to all”. Taiwanese immigrants set up the first Tzuchi overseas branch office in the United States.

With endless effort and dedication, 25 years of compassionate relief has been carried out. Over the years, the four missions of Charity, Education, Environmental Protection and Medicine are established while volunteers work towards these missions with the spirit of sincerity(诚), integrity(正), trust(信), and honesty(实)…

Through the endless effort of the USA Chapter to allieviate sufferings of those living in poverty due to sickness or any form of unfortunate circumstances, Tzuchi has gained recognition by local goverment and the Asian American community. However, the challenge next, will be finding ways to integrate into the mainstream community and inviting more to join in the Bodhisattvas path.

This video touches my heart deeply, and i fully understand their “urge” to reach out to the majority, the whites. By local context, being a multi-lingual country, English is the main mode of language among Singaporeans. Living in an English speaking environment also means that people here are heavily influence by western cultures and tend to repel from oriental groups. However, It is not a popularity contest that we are competing in. The main focus is to purify our hearts to make the world a better place to live in.

It is time to go global and look beyond our shores on what others are doing. I am looking forward to witness more 25 years of the USA chapter! Congratulations!



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