Theory won’t heal your hearts


Mr enlightenment taught all conditioned things are impermanent, that they are all subject to birth, aging, sickness & death. If our mind can penetrate and accept this reality, this does not mean it must fight with our love and the life
we shared with another.

This is because attachment is not accepting loss (rather than the shared feelings & life between two human beings).

The Buddha offered the wisdom of impermanence, to manage the reality of loss. The Buddha also offered the cultivation of gratitude, to manage the love & appreciation in our heart.


I find this a really excellento understanding of the Dharma. “Because theory may not heal the loss, but setting on the right direction will.” Indeed, cultivation and practice is the way to move forward. Diligence!

Therefore, let us be thankful to Impermanence for bringing us a new day ahead(it’s weekend tomorrow)



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