Spirited Away: An Interpretation of Its Symbolism

Circle of Meditation

In the last years I’ve hardly watched a handful of films, but one recommended by a five-year-old girl I’ve watched several times. It’s an extraordinary movie, full of symbolism. I’m talking about Spirited Away, an animated movie from the Japanese director Miyazaki. If you haven’t watched it yet, make a note in your agenda. It doesn’t disappoint and speaks to both children and adults.

The movie follows the adventures of a girl in a village inhabited by ghosts, and her attempts to rescue her parents, turned into pigs by the machiavellian old woman Yubaba. But, beneath apparently a children’s story, runs a deeper story of the most important of adventures: The conquering of ourselves.

The ghost town represents ordinary life. Old Yubaba represents our ego, as she lives on top of a bath house that represents our body and mind. She is constantly satisfying every whim of a huge baby…

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