Nice article on handling and avoiding schism ; a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.

1. Some people speak with malicious intentions and others with the
conviction that they are right. But the sage does not enter into any
controversy that has risen. Therefore, the sage is free from all mental

2. The person who is led by his impelling desire and continues according to
his inclination, find it difficult to give up those views adheres to.
Coming to conclusions of his own, he speaks in accordance with his knowledge.

3. If a person, without being asked, praises his own virtue and practices
to others, or talks of himself, the good say he is ignoble.

4. The calm, disciplined one who abstains from praising himself for his
virtues, declaring, “So i am”, the good call him a noble. In him there is
no arrogance concerning the world.

5. He whose views are mentally constructed, causally formed, highly
esteemed but not pure; views in which he sees personal advantage, will
experience a calm which is unstable.

6. It hard to go beyond preconceived ideas reached by passing judgement
regarding doctrines. Therefore, with regard to these views he rejects one
and grasps another.

7. For the person with spiritual excellence, nowhere in the world does he
have any mentally constructed views about various spheres of becoming. As
he has eradicated delusion and deceit, in what manner can he be reckoned?
He cannot be reckoned in any manner whatsoever.

8. He who is attached enters into debate about doctrines. By what and how
can an unattached person be characterized? He has nothing to grasp or
reject; he has purified all views here itself.

Source :Dutthatthaka Sutta

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