Things itself speaks

I feel Life and decision making is like driving on the road and crossing the crossroad junction. The car cannot afford to move like tortoise neither can it speed through the junction. One has to look for the right time to go forward. It requires the practice of mindfulness

Every decision made leads you to the desired destination, but whether if its worth the journey.. Who knows? Only time will prevail…

Each journey involves immeasurable amount of risk and bumps, though some of them can’t be avoided.

Sometimes you meet strangers who need a ride but once in a while you’ll meet someone who pretends to be hitching a ride but intend to rob you off. Depending on your own judgement and wisdom, you stop for that person. Sometimes the stranger become good friends but most of the time they’re just passerby. Some of them are lost on the road and you guide them. The generous guy will reward you for your help. But you may also stop down and ask for directions too.

to be cont’d…


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