Travel Resolutions of 2017

1. Bangkok, Thailand

I can feel the excitement overflowing as i’m typing this. You can never get tired of Bangkok, there is so much to do in Bangkok for every budget. Get a good pair of shoes for traveling, prepare to walk more than you do in Singapore.

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2. Taiwan

Speaking of Taiwan, somewhere that i have heard so much that it’s becoming a annoyance. I think majority of my friends have been to Taiwan, and being a Tzuchi Volunteer i am constantly surrounded by Taiwanese culture and connected in a way or another with this country. Our spiritual home is Hualien, where the organisation has being found.

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Fading Colours : Rochor Centre


Change is constant and inevitable. Generations of Singaporeans have been brought up to be accustomed to this reality of living in a land scarce and progressive country. Under the Urban Redevelopment Authority Planning (URA), many places will have served its purpose and be revamped to create a vibrant and sustainable place for Singaporeans to live and work in.

Therefore, “Modern day Kampungs” will soon be demolished and “villagers” will have to be relocated to new homes, just like how our pioneer generations faced in the early days, all in the good name of progress.

One of such “Modern day Kampungs” is the iconic Rochor Centre. Known for it’s 4 colour buildings. One of several city-centre podium complexes put up by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) from the mid-1970s into the 1980s. An expressway will be built in place of the HDB flats.

Entrance to Rochor Centre
convenience at your doorstep.


All the tenants have left






Once a lively and noisy playground, childhood memories for many residents.



Somebody might have thrown this “happiness plate” out of their window?



Just guessing if he could be one of the remaining residents here, almost had the urge to walk up and ask him some questions. But shy. Anyway, this picture really depicts a depressing scene in Singapore. I can’t speak for everyone, but to be force to move on with progressivism, especially when there is a lack of support & motivation to do so, would really be depressing. Let us be there for each other.

I pray that we will all practice the state of non-attachment and be truly happy.

Reveli Timing 0615

Waking up early in the morning to do chores, clear up some fridge space, make breakfast, clear all the trash, tidy up the weekend mess etc.. Sound like alot to do? But doing all this is one of the best feeling to start a day..

Realise some plants are dying.. we need to be diligent in watering the plants
Love the morning light shining into the kitchen
Our hse in the morning…

And finally when le parents leave the house, my job is done. The feeling of such accomplishment is shiok.. simple joys.. However, this lifestyle is temporary and i wont be able to do this very often once life is back on track, but meanwhile let me enjoy this experience, because #yolo.

Reflection by the river

Beautiful Night in Pasir Ris..

静思堂,Hall of Still Thoughts sitted quietly near the entrance of Pasir Ris New Town. This Building is the headquarter for volunteers of Tzu Chi Foundation(Singapore). A Buddhist Charitable Organisation founded in Taiwan. Other than the charity work that they do, Tzu Chi is notably known for their missions of disaster relief and environmental protection worldwide.

The headquarters is open to public for visiting. There is a little shop that sells publications related to Tzuchi and their ideology, Eco-friendly products and perishables produce by the nuns of Jingsi Abode.

Tzu Chi also conduct classes geared to the diverse interest of the community. Short or long term couses like culinary, advance guitar, yoga, chinese caligraphy.etc Their main motive is to encourage life long learning & to induce wholesome values in the masses.

This is also their spiritual home where volunteers come back for trainings and to cultivate their inner peace. Communal events for volunteers are usually conducted here, for e.g. sharing sessions, monthly meetings, camps.etc Tzuchi provides opportunities to do good and to advance in one’s inner journey.

It is also worth to mention that this grey building is situated beside Sungei Api Api, a portion of this Sungei was adopted and maintain by Tzuchi. Sungei Api Api is especially beautiful at night when the water reflects..

Haiku of the day:

Still thoughts, in a busy world.. Do you stop by to reflect in everyday life? The water reflects my still thoughts..

HDB Gardening

Living in Singapore means you gotta live with the limitations of land scarcity. Majority of Singaporeans, rich & poor live in urban high rise apartments. That means no backyard for gardening and of course community gardening is not available in every estate, even they do, most of the time only volunteers & retirees manage the place, with rules and restrictions.

However, Singaporeans still love the greens near to their houses. We are resort to planting indoors, with limited sunlight and rain. If you’re lucky, your house might be along the walkway, where your plants can get all exposure to the sun. Sometimes you get corners like mine, can’t really do anything much..

Most of the plants are from Ikea
Notice we gotta separate the pots so that each pot gets its fairshare of sunlight

We have plenty of Crassula ovata, aka jade plant, because they are easy to maintain, do not require lots of watering, just sufficient sunlight to survive. They are nice to look at too.. If the conditions are right, they might flower too.

infact most pots are easy-to-manage plants


My neighbours have their own cute little green space too! Looking forward to see what i can do more with this space… Ciao~

They say chase your dreams..

National Museum of Singapore

Its the weekend, and i really want to have a short #wanderlust away from this bustling city, the usual scenes and familiar faces. I guess i am not the hereforeverguy, i’m more like the heretopassbykindofaguy. I really don’t know. I like new experiences, i like stuffs that makes life interesting and enriching.

Have a great week ahead~